Current note on DIN ISO 20816-1 : 2017-03

Right now, the DIN ISO 20816-1 has been published . It is an editorial revision and summary of the DIN ISO 7919-1:1997-08, der DIN ISO 10816-1:1997-08 und der DIN ISO 10816-1/A1:2010-06 and replaces them.

The new standard „Mechanical vibration – Measurement and evaluation of machine vibration – Part 1: General guidelines“ determines the general conditions and procedures for measurement and evaluation of vibrations. This refers to measurements made on rotating, non-rotating and non-reciprocating parts of complete machines.

Apart from the centralised presentation, an update of the quoted standards and a revision of typical measuring points have been made in relation to the previous three standards.

Quelle: Beuth Verlag GmbH