Special Focus: Vibration in LDPE plants

Special Focus: Vibration in LDPE Plants

LDPE Conferences

From 17 – 19 June 2019, KCE presented its experiences about vibrations in LDPE plants and at hyper compressors to  the participants of the 14th LDPE Plant Improvement Conference in Gdansk, Poland.

Under the topic “Identification & Correction of acoutic malfunctions of LDPE plants” the audience will gain an insight into our work and receive helpful information regarding the acoustic challenges of LDPE plant.

On LDPE/EVA Global Summit in Vienna organized by BHDT we had the chance to give a presentation about “Virtual Pipe supports for high pressure piping – Measurement, assessment, and mitigation of pipe vibrations with state of the art technologies“.

We are sure to welcome you on important LDPE Conferences in 2020 and look forward to support you in your future projects.

LDPE Flyer

In our LDPE Flyer you find more information about possible vibration challenges and about the services we offer.

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New: Good to know – LDPE Seminar

2-Days-Seminar “Vibrations & Pulsations in LDPE Plants”.  Scheduled date: open

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