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For more than 35 years, we have been finding solutions throughout the full spectrum of sound and vibration engineering. Across all specialisations, we have collected innumerable solutions, studies, insights and patents. To make sure that you will keep an overview at all times nevertheless, you can specifically search for issues of our internal magazine Good Vibrations, as well as for project examples, lectures and publications, in the library.

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Project Examples

Machine Dynamics

Finite element calculation of a supporting structure 250.02 KB

Effective combination of measurement and theory ...

Fluid Mechanics

Damages at a compensator in a flue gas duct of a desulfurization plant 284.34 KB

Analysis of damages by means of a 3D-flow simulation (CFD) ...

    Pulsation Studies



      Can heat exchangers excite vibrations? 947.32 KB

      Thermoacoustic Instabilities as a Cause of Increased Pulsations Within Gas Pressure Regulation and Measurement Plants ...



          Application of operational modal analysis to industriel machinery and plants 441.98 KB

          ...presents experiences and detailed results of Operational Modal Analysis applications to industrial machinery and plants. ...

          Modernisation of an oxygen compressor plant - field report 441.98 KB

          ...the conversion and expansion of existing compressor plants is a challenge, especially with the sensitive medium oxygen. ...

          Successful vibration analysis on a 200 MW pump turbine in Luxembourg 441.98 KB

          ...since it was put into operation, a pronounced vertical vibration has occurred on the pump turbine set in the upper range of performance at approx. 180 MW. ...

          Pulsation Study Hyper Compressors 3.76 MB

          ...hight pipe vibrations were reduced by installation of orifices and new pipe supports. ...

          Reduction of foundation oscillations with Piston Compressors 1.54 MB

          With Measured Vibration Data, Causes are Determined and Measures are Created for Lowering Vibration Levels Below Prescribed Limits ...

          Magic Cube 560.89 KB

          Three-Dimensional Vibration Absorber For Pipeline Vibrations ...

              Good Vibrations


              Good Vibrations | October 2016 516.75 KB

              Ausgabe 77

              • Buzzing noise of a heat exchanger
              • Modification and renewal of existing LDPE plants
              • OMA expands the KCE service range
              • Award from EFRC
              • Anniversary event: 20th workshop on reciprocating compressors
              • Get-Together-Days 2016


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