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– Quick overview about important vibration values.
– Three different charts for specific machine types.
– Helpful tool to assess operational vibrations according to the current guidelines.

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Reciprocating compressors are the modern dinosaurs of all technical workhorses. Some of them do their job reliably since decades. They do their contribution to the success of chemical plants, refineries and gas suppliers.

It is part of the design that the dynamics of the machine needs special attention. KCE developed the knowledge to assess vibrations of reciprocating compressors. Our guideline chart provides you with recommended vibration limits for the main components of your compressor system. It is based on the international standard ISO 10816 part 8 and it will allow you to decide whether everything is in order or not!

Screw compressors fill the gap between reciprocating compressors and turbo compressors. For specific conditions they are the preferred and most efficient technology available.

From a vibrational point of view a special treatment is advised for screw machines. Compared to a reciprocating compressor less mass forces are present and beside the fact of having meshing effect of the rotors the machine behaves like a turbo. But due to the working cycle the gas flow at the discharge port is pulsating comparable to the reciprocating compressor. This leads to the necessity of considering the gas acoustics of machine, piping and oil separators to overcome standing waves resulting in excessive noise and vibrations.

Our guideline chart will enable you to assess the operational vibrations of screw machines. It is based on the VDI guideline 3836 and will provide you with the information needed to judge whether your machine is running fine or not.

The heavy industry strongly depends on the reliability of machines. Experts as you are in charge of ensuring this reliability by inspection, maintenance and quality management. Standards and guidelines for the evaluation of machine vibrations are effective tools in order to garantee a safe and reliable operation.
With the vibration benchmarking chart we developed a tool which makes it easier for you to decide whether your machine is running fine or not. The chart shows the vibration limits being characteristic for power plants, e.g. steam turbines, gas turbines, generators and motors, centrifugal pumps, turbo compressors and fans.