Good vibrations as soon as you put your problem in our hands.

Technology in its application, must be simple and easy to understand. In order to achieve that, the physical and technical relationships involved are usually far more complex. Nonetheless, the desire to solve any problems with an uncomplicated approach is sometimes great. However, it cannot often be fulfilled.

Highest technical understanding and experience are needed instead. KÖTTER Consulting Engineers can offer both. We are a specialized and independent engineering company. Since 1978 we have been finding solutions for particularly difficult problems across the entire spectrum of sound and vibration engineering:

Machine Dynamics

  • System vibrations
  • Permanent monitoring
  • Vibration insulations

Fluid Mechanics

  • Pulsations
  • Flow metering faults
  • Flow simulation


  • Pipelines
  • Reciprocating and turbo compressors
  • Reciprocating pumps

Technical Acoustics

  • Research and development
  • Sound insulation engineering
  • Structural acoustics

Shocks and Vibrations

  • Structural dynamics (buildings)
  • Pile driving works
  • Permanent monitoring

Wind Energy

  • Predictions (sound and shadows)
  • Acuostic measurements
  • Structural acoustics

Immission Control

  • Noise reduction planning
  • Traffic noise
  • Industrial/recreational noise

Building Physics

  • Building acoustics
  • Room acoustics
  • Component testing


  • Seminars
  • Workshops
  • Trainings

Our history: We’ll handle it. Since 1978.

  • 2016

    • The company name of the Berlin site is changed to KÖTTER Consulting Engineers Berlin
    • “20th workshop on reciprocating compressors”: Anniversary of the most important German-language conference on the subject
  • 2014

    Erwin W. Kötter retires. KÖTTER group continues as an owner-managed company.

  • 2013

    17,000 successful solutions since KCE was founded

  • 2011

    Founding of KCE-Academy in Rheine

  • 2004

    Patenting of the three-dimensional vibration absorber “Magic Cube”

  • 2003

    Patenting of the ultrasonic-damping-plate

  • 2001

    Spin-out of PROGNOST Systems GmbH2

  • 1996

    Patenting of the pulsation-damping-plate

  • 1991

    KÖTTER Beratende Ingenieure (KBI) is founded in Berlin

  • 1989

    Development of the PROGNOST system

  • 1978

    KÖTTER Consulting Engineers (KCE) is founded in Burgsteinfurt by Erwin W. Kötter