The Magic Tube dynamic vibration absorber

Do you need an efficient solution for the following vibration problems?

  • Piping vibrations
  • Plant vibrations
  • Machine vibrations
  • Recurring plant damages

You are looking for a quick and practical solution that

  • eliminates your vibration problems in the short term – with long-term success
  • does NOT require a plant or machine shutdown, but can be implemented during operation

Then we have the solution

The flexible and patented vibration absorber MAGIC TUBE enables a significant reduction of resonance-induced vibrations.

How it works

A vibration absorber is a particularly elegant solution for reducing resonance-induced vibrations. It acts as a counter oscillator, which ensures that the components to be compensated cannot be set into oscillation in the first place. And all of this without any external energy! In contrast to conventional stiffening measures, a vibration absorber is therefore only coupled to the structure to be compensated and does not require any additional support to the surroundings.

Our Magic Tube vibration absorber also offers another significant advantage: It can be quickly and universally adjusted on site to the respective problem. This means that the solution can already be optimally implemented on site during the investigation of a vibration problem. This saves an enormous amount of time and is also possible without plant downtime.

In addition, we always commission our Magic Tube in a hermetically sealed housing. At the same time, this means for you: no maintenance and servicing effort.

Areas of application

The patented Magic Tube can be used in all branches and industrial plants. Common applications are found in the chemical and petrochemical industries. Areas of application often include pipelines, process fittings, machine components or other structures susceptible to vibration.

The design has been carefully chosen so that the absorber can be installed on any structure, sometimes with individual mounting concepts.

Your advantages

  • Quickly ready for use. The absorber is prefabricated and can be individually designed on site and deployed on site within a short time. On-site installation with immediate effectiveness check.
  • Low effort for the plant operator: No extensive planning and conversion work is required on the plant. Installation can be carried out during operation.
  • Maintenance-free. The passive vibration absorber is completely maintenance-free. Due to the hermetically sealed housing, the vibration absorber works self-sufficiently and without the supply of external energy. We recommend an inspection after 10 years.
  • The accessibility of your plant is maintained. In contrast to sometimes massive and large dimensioned stiffening measures, the vibration damper is installed directly where the vibrations have become noticeable.


  • Magic Tube XS – medium to high frequency range, light structures, e.g. SDVs, impulse pipes up to DN80, plant components
  • Magic Tube M – low to high frequency range, medium-heavy structures, e.g. piping sections from DN80 to DN300, pulsation dampers, aggregates
  • Magic Tube XL – low to medium frequency range, heavy structures, e.g. large piping sections from DN200, ultrahigh pressure piping, massive structures, pulsation dampers, aggregates

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Dr.-Ing. Johann Lenz

Dr.-Ing. Johann Lenz

Head of Department Machine Dynamics

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