Two sites – all options.

What are two sites of KÖTTER Consulting Engineers in comparison with the more than 190 countries and in excess of 100 million cities in this world? It’s all you really need. We can reach nearly any deployment site from our current sites in Rheine and Berlin. For planned deployments or in the scope of global troubleshooting. Even complex entry provisions for some countries will not keep us from travelling to you. Our internationally experienced employees have already travelled to many of the more than 190 countries before.

Rheine site

KÖTTER Consulting Engineers GmbH & Co. KG
Bonifatiusstraße 400
48432 Rheine
Telephone: +49 5971 9710-0
Telefax: +49 5971 9710-43

Berlin site

KÖTTER Consulting Engineers Berlin GmbH
Balzerstraße 43
12683 Berlin
Telephone: +49 30 526788-0
Telefax: +49 30 5436016

Communication without borders: Successful together instead of all at sea alone.

One of the largest gas production platforms in the world is located off the Australian coast. It is a prime example of technical understanding alone not being enough to complete a project successfully. Project planners from South-East-Asia, Australian operators, European engineers and many others: If communication between all parties does not go smoothly, the project may start to flounder just as badly as due to undesired pulsations in the complex piping system.

To ensure a successful project for you anyway, we consider ourselves an independent, mediating interface between all parties. That, too, means “looking at the big picture”. Technically and with our know-how across all the important performance areas. Organisationally across all borders with our communication and cultural experience from several decades.

Our technical facilities: always on top of things.

Comprehensive Measurement Technology

  • For flexible implementation on site
  • Multi-channel data recording
  • Finely-tuned and harmonized sensor technology for the registration of various current conditions (vibrations, pulsations, volume flows, etc.)

Test facility for volume Measurement

  • Presentation of the various functional principles of flow meters
  • Demonstration of the reaction of individual measuring devices to interference factors, such as pulsations, pressure and profile disturbances as well as structural vibrations. For example in turbine wheel, rotary piston, vortex or ultrasonic measuring instruments.

Structural Acoustic Rigs

  • Wall test facility for detection of sound insulation capacity of extensive walls, and of building components with smaller surfaces (windows/doors)
  • Floor test facility for detection of footstep sound insulation

Compressor Installations

  • Examinations of vibrations and pulsations

Measuring Laboratory and Workshops

  • Calibration, maintenance and care of the measurement technology
  • Execution of R&D projects
  • Preparation of special constructions for metrological testing