Your targets are one thing most of all: Perfectly within reach.

We do not shy back from any challenge. We never wonder if we will be able to achieve our customers’ goals. From the beginning, we will focus on how we can do it particularly efficiently and in a practice-oriented manner.

The safety that you can expect from us in this is mostly based on one special feature of our consulting engineers: The ability of including fringe areas and apparently secondary matters in their analytic observations. If you are trying to solve a problem in detail, you first need to look at it as a whole and interpret it on a good scientific basis.

We will let you participate in our procedure at all times – from the beginning of the project to its successful completion. Results presented by us are measurable. Planned measures will be coordinated with you. All of this combines in our understanding of cooperation as partners: You determine the target. We will reach it on the best path.


Looking at the big picture: We always focus on everything.

Instead of looking for a quick solution, we first identify where the problem lies. The root cause of the problem is not always located in the place where the symptom appears. Acoustic or vibration effects are subject to interaction and amplification that may lead to interdisciplinary problems. Therefore, we will approach every situation as a whole and solve problems with a competence that covers the full spectrum of sound and vibration engineering.

  • We are interdisciplinary experts for nearly anything that is measurable, from sound to surface-borne vibrations to pressure pulsation.
  • We are able to measure dynamic processes on up to 100 channels simultaneously.
  • We use contactless radio telemetry for our measurements.
  • We analyse material stresses with the aid of a “mobile” strain gauge system, specially developed by KÖTTER Consulting Engineers (DMS).
  • We use extensive state-of-the-art measuring equipment.
  • We are KÖTTER Consulting Engineers!

Our occupational safety: Looking at the big picture, but not doing everything.

We do a lot to solve our customers’ challenges. However, we never work at the expense of our employees’ health. The company’s target is to ensure the best possible safety and health at work. We meet the demands to effective work protection based on the “AMS – Arbeitsschutz mit System” and are certified accordingly. This also documents that we meet the demands to the occupational safety management system in accordance with OHSAS 18001:2007.