Nice to meet you here. We are KÖTTER Consulting Engineers. We are interdisciplinary experts for nearly anything that is measurable: from sound to surface-borne vibrations to pressure pulsation. Instead of looking for a quick solution, we will first check where the problem lies. There is a good reason for this – or even several ones:

Acoustic or vibration effects are subject to interaction and amplification that may lead to interdisciplinary problems. Therefore, we will approach every situation as a whole and solve problems with a competence that covers the full spectrum of sound and vibration engineering.

The Mission: Looking at the big picture.

The cause is not necessarily in the same place where a problem occurs as a symptom in a plant or machine. Therefore, our engineers always focus on … everything.

ADIPEC 2018: Meet us at our booth

From 12-15 November 2018 we are at the ADIPEC in Abu Dhabi. Visit us at stand 6331 in Hall 6.

Important news: Good to know.

We are all overwhelmed with more and more information in a growing number of media. Therefore, we want to convince with real messages. For example, on which fairs or conferences you can meet us personally.

The Company: All of it since 1978.

Technology must be easy to apply and easy to understand. The physical and technical connections needed to achieve this are usually much more complex. There is a frequent wish to be able to solve possible problems quickly. This wish rarely is fulfilled.

Highest technical understanding and experience are needed instead. KÖTTER Consulting Engineers offers both of these. We are a specialist, independent engineering company. We have been finding solutions to particularly difficult problems throughout the full spectrum of sound and vibration engineering since 1978.

The Library: Read up on all of it.

For more than 35 years, we have been finding solutions throughout the full spectrum of sound and vibration engineering. Across all specialisations, we have collected innumerable solutions, studies, insights and patents. To make sure that you will keep an overview at all times anyway, you can specifically search for technical articles, lectures and publications in the library.

If you are thinking of a specific keyword, you will also find all the relevant information right away. You can determine what you want to find. We will make sure that you can find it. Best go and try it out right away.


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