Application of operational modal analysis to industriel machinery and plants

…presents experiences and detailed results of Operational Modal Analysis applications to industrial machinery and plants.

Modernisation of an oxygen compressor plant – field report

…the conversion and expansion of existing compressor plants is a challenge, especially with the sensitive medium oxygen.

Successful vibration analysis on a 200 MW pump turbine in Luxembourg

…since it was put into operation, a pronounced vertical vibration has occurred on the pump turbine set in the upper range of performance at approx. 180 MW.

Pulsation Study Hyper Compressors

…hight pipe vibrations were reduced by installation of orifices and new pipe supports.

Noise Measurement


Underground gas storages

Reduction of foundation oscillations with Piston Compressors

With Measured Vibration Data, Causes are Determined and Measures are Created for Lowering Vibration Levels Below Prescribed Limits

Magic Cube

Three-Dimensional Vibration Absorber For Pipeline Vibrations