Machine Dynamics

Our troubleshooting approach: Arriving on site promptly and ensure lasting satisfaction.
Sometimes pressure is measured in hours. For example, the threat of imminent plant shut-down due to excessive vibration. In these cases, urgent action is needed. But which screw do you turn when there are thousands and thousands of possibilities? To tackle complex issues, we always use a methodical approach. With a complete measurement system and numerous sensors to obtain various physical parameters we collect all relevant data. We use robust, tried and tested technical measuring equipment which we know will withstand demanding operating conditions in an industrial environment. High pressures and temperatures are rarely a problem for our specialised probes and equipment. When necessary, we can lay several miles of cables and install dozens of custom sensors. This approach allows us to get a fast and accurate insight into all relveant processes which we use to solve your problem. However, doing it right takes a little bit longer: A simple emergency fix is not a solution. Therefore, we do not simply recommend measures that will work for a few hours. Our goal is to create long-term solutions measures that produce stabile and dependable results.

Fluid Mechanics

Pulsation Studies

Technical Acoustics

Shocks and Vibrations

Wind Energy

Immission Control

Building Physics