Vibration and Pulsation Optimization

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German Engineering for Sound & Vibration Solutions.

KÖTTER Consulting Engineers is an independent engineering company in Germany. Solving problems in the field of sound and vibration engineering is our expertise – worldwide. On the basis of calculations, simulations and measurements, we provide efficient and sustainable solutions for a reliable and high-performance operation of your machines and plants.

These are our focus industries We support you at any time
  • Oil/Gas
  • Petrochemical sector
  • Refinerie
  • Chemical sector
  • Planning
  • Modification / Refitting
  • Commissioning
  • Troubleshooting
  • Plant Optimization

In the following text you will find more information about our services regarding Troubleshooting, Vibration Optimization and about our Vibration absorber Magic Tube.

Dr.-Ing. Patrick Tetenborg

Head of Department Machine Dynamics

Vibration & Pulsation Problems – Our Troubleshooting

Solving problems is our expertise.
  • We provide worldwide, short-term troubleshooting for any vibration and pulsation problems.
  • We tackle even complex issues by using a methodical approach. Our goal is to create long-term solution measures that produce dependable results. So, instead of looking for a compromise solution, we start detecting the problem’s cause
  • By measuring, evaluating and implementing mitigation measures, our engineers take the right actions.
  • All measures a communicated and discussed in a transparent way towards our customers.

Machinery and Plants

Read more about our services in the field of Machinery and Plants and see what possibilities we have to support you in your projects.

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Optimization of complex Pipeline Systems

Improvement of the plant reliability as key factor for commercial success.
  • We enhance your plant availability and efficiency by optimizing sound and vibration engineering in critical assets
  • This offers an enormous potential for costs reduction regarding unscheduled downtimes
  • You will be supported in managing the vibration and pulsation situation in your plants properly
  • After analyzing the operation of your machinery and plant our engineers work out efficient and sustainable solutions that make your system more reliable and more profitable.


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Reducing & Optimizing Vibrations - Download your Pdf-file

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Solving vibration problems & Optimizing the vibration situation:

These are two key factors to enhance the competitiveness and profitability of your industrial plant.

In our information sheet you see

  • the benefits you have
  • how we work
  • what is so special with our solutions

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Magic Tube – An impressive vibration absorber

Benefit from many advantages by using our vibration absorber “Magic Tube”
  • Installation without shutdown
  • Impressive vibration reduction for resonance cases
  • Less downtime
  • Cost saving

The patented absorber tool can be used for various applications. Its design is focused on a high flexibility regarding the individual adaptation to a given vibration situation. The Magic Tube is directly mounted to the structure sensible to vibrations. Comprehensive planning or reconstruction activities are no longer necessary and the Magic Tube can be installed at short notice.  Typical applications are f. ex. critical pipeline vibrations which have a two-dimensional character due to their rotational symmetry.

Magic Tube "live"

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Click on the video to get an impression about the effect and working principle of our Magic Tube.