Stories from Everyday Work of an Engineer

We are an Independant Engineering Company for Sound & Vibration – But what are we doing exactly?

Here you find some of our project stories giving you an insight into the everyday work of an engineer.

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Story 1: People Make Mistakes

  • Obviously high pipeline vibration caused by a reciprocating compressor
  • What happened? The source of the problem can’t be detected.
  • But people make mistakes.
  • Read the whole story about solving an inexplicable phenomenon.

Story 2: Many Opportunities for Improvement

  • A chemical plant faced heavy vibration problems
  • Often, their cause is invisible to the human eye and a complex search for connections and consequences begins
  • But in this case, it was different
  • Read the whole story about how false economy can cause bad vibrations

Story 3: The Pulse of your Plant

  • Vibrations & operations put operators under pressure
  • We are not doctors but engineers, however the procedure does not differ that much
    • Be quickly on site to evaluate the patient’s condition
    • Start a treatment that fights the cause
    • Then the symptoms will disappear on their own

Story 4: Keep the pace

  • A manufacturing company is producing photographic paper
  • Suddenly, the number of damages at the gearboxes increases
  • No question, the gearboxes are overloaded. But why?
  • Read the fascinating story about people whose time is money

Story 5: Case of Emergency

  • Commissioning of a new LDPE plant failed
  • Pipeline vibrations and crack of pipeline supports
  • the cause is unknown
  • Fast, critical & hot
  • Sometimes, an engineer has to do the job of a fire brigade

Story 6: Sleepless Neighbourhood

  • When your compressor causes serious vibrations, you should take measures
  • A story about positive side effects of vibrations
  • Read why the operation could even save money with this project

Story 7: All aboard for a specific solution

  • No space for extension? Create one!
  • An example of how limited availability of space requires extraordinary solutions
  • Significant investigations can be beneficial
  • Read the full offshore-story and download our technical case study

Story 8: This routine maintenance avoided a disaster.

  • A story about a shut-down in the last minute!
  • Large air coolers with huge fan blades in a chemical plant.
  • Measurement registers vibrations with 20 mm/sec

Story 9: Vibrations – but no access to the plant?

  • Precise Measurements by laser vibrometer!
  • Independent from surface temperature
  • usable for distinct locations, very high objects, ex zones etc.

Story 10: Less can be more

  • How to achieve optimal results with minimal expense
  • Creative ideas do not help when they are far from reality
  • Read more about our practical, affordable and sustainable solution