LDPE Plants and Vibrations

LDPE Plants & Vibrations

How can we help to improve your LDPE plant?

Running highly valuable processes under technical challenging conditions is not easy. However, with expertise and strategy, it can offer incredible potential. This site gives you an overview about our services and experience around the field of LDPE plants.

LDPE Plants & Vibrations.

In order to ensure a safe and efficient operation of LDPE plants, a high level of expertise in sound and vibration engineering is required. Reasons include, e.g. operating conditions in LDPE processes with a discharge pressure of up to 3,500 bar, structural specifications that makes vibration mitigation measures even more challenging and typical operating mechanisms of a reciprocating compressor. Due to these conditions, vibrations and pulsations have a considerable influence on your assets and may cause unplanned downtime with loss in revenue streams.

Hence, the safe operation of LDPE plants is a challenging engineering task and has top priority!

There are two states where special care about sound and vibration engineering is essential:

  • Commissioning of a new plant
  • Revamp of existing plants 

No matter whether it is the commissioning of a LDPE plant or modifications to existing plants. The unique composition of all components create an acoustic model, which shows an individual behavior. Due to an unfortunate operation condition resonance effects can occur which trigger destructive forces within the piping system.

With experience from more than 500 completed projects and more than 20 years, we provide the required expertise you need in this challenging industry.

KÖTTER Consulting Engineers – LDPE Services in numbers

  • > 500 completed projects
  • > 20 years of experience in LDPE applications
  • 3 successful product developments for mitigating vibrations and pulsations at LDPE-Plants
  • 1 spin-off for vibration condition monitoring on reciprocating compressors (PROGNOST)

Optimize LDPE Plants – New Approach.

Increasing volatility in industry, not least due to the ongoing corona pandemic and constantly rising cost pressure while maintaining high safety requirements, challenges operators and manufacturers of LDPE plants to take action for optimization and a fast reaction time when problems occur.

As KÖTTER Consulting Engineers, we have been able to use our experience, primarily in troubleshooting projects, to gain a great reputation as experts for sound and vibration engineering in the LDPE industry. However, in recent years we have also demonstrated the value of defining a vibration optimization strategy for your assets in advance, which can reduce the costs for unscheduled downtimes tremendously. The improvement of the plants reliability is a key factor for commercial success.

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LDPE Team.

In order to assist you in any situation at any time, we are pleased to introduce our team leaders, helping you in the field of LDPE and vibrations:

Please contact us

Dr.-Ing. Johann Lenz

Dr.-Ing. Johann Lenz

Technical Director and Senior Consultant

Telefon +49 5971 9710-47

Dr.-Ing. Patrick Tetenborg

Dr.-Ing. Patrick Tetenborg

Head of Department Machine Dynamics

Telefon +49 5971 9710-46

Dr.-Ing. Jan Steinhausen

Dr.-Ing. Jan Steinhausen

Head of Department Pulsation Studies

Telefon +49 5971 9710-64

Our Webinars about LDPE Plants

We offer free webinars about case studies and challenges in the field of LDPE Vibrations.

Just contact us to get more information about the following topics:

  • Contactless measurement and assessment of vibrations at tubular LDPE reactors in bunkered installations
  • Vibration and pulsation optimization of LDPE plants
  • Identification & Correction of acoustic malfunctions in LDPE Plants


Sabine Kerk, Marketing


Webinar offer

KÖTTER Consulting Engineers offers various free webinars for engineers working in the field of LDPE Plants

Pulsation Studies for LDPE Plants

Modifications of LDPE plants require a Pulsation study to avoid exceeding vibrations during operation. Click the button for further information about our pulsation studies.

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