Marketing Package

Marketing Package

for Sound & Vibration Experts.

Dear Customers,

as independent experts for sound & vibration in Germany we have developped various tools, charts and information material for you.

The source of sound & vibration problems is often invisible, the connections, ways of transmission and amplification forces are hard to detect and to understand.

Nevertheless, it is important to recognize problems and potential at an early stage to take the right measures.

“It is our concern to sensitize our customers for sound & vibration problems.”

With kind regards

Your KÖTTER Team

Do you know the KÖTTER Music Box?

It is a great tool to learn more about sound effects… and just one possible gift within our marketing package.

The marketing package help me…

  • in my daily work, f.ex. with clearly arranged technical charts and guidelines
  • to learn more about sound & vibration
  • to get an overview about the chances and opportunities of vibration engineering
  • to remember that there is somebody who can help me…

And to be honest, isn’t it always a pleasure to receive a surprise package?

My personal Marketing Package

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How can I order it?

  • Fill in the contact form with all necessary data
  • Give us information about your concerns or questions regarding sound & Vibration
  • Send it off

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Free Marketing Package by KÖTTER Consulting Engineers.

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Do you know our charts about vibration guidelines?

They can be part of our marketing tool, but we give you the chance to order them separately for free.

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